Minicurso: Organic Electronics and Photonics

Palestrante: Prof. Peter J Skabara, School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Glasgow - UK. Objetivo: To provide an understanding of the concept of organic semiconductors and their application in a range of state-of-the-art electronic and photonic devices. Conteúdo: 1. Understand the definition of an organic semiconductor through a range of examples and applications. 2. Recognise the importance of chemical structure and how new properties arise in the bulk material, in comparison with a single molecule or polymer chain. 3. Give an account of the various synthetic routes available towards the synthesis of organic semiconductors. 4. Discuss a range of techniques available for the characterisation of organic semiconductors 5. Explain the function of a range of electronic and photonic devices and how to evaluate their performance and efficiencies. 6. Explain the significance of organic electronics and photonics in the modern world – what exists on the market at the moment and what exciting new technologies are just around the corner.


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